Saturday, 11 July 2009

New start? Change becasue of half time?

You go through your life for more than a year doing the same thing day in and day out no change no support, and then you wake up one morning and its all different, you act different speak, dress, look out your eyes different, and all you want to do is go back, its a form of autism i feel, don't like the change to be made in your life but if it has been like that for so long then why would you, 1, just one little small thing, (unimportant?) thing in life and bang changes for the better? changes for the worst? it's different with every single person on this earth and we can not tell what is right or wrong most of the time, do we follow our hearts or our head, well i followed my head because i tell you one thing if i had followed my heart then i wouldn't no what to feel what to say, but as time goes on people change you change and you get older, wiser, you forget? never. doubt, hindsite, it would of worked out a whole lot different, but then it always does when you take time out to look and appreciate what you have. but be serious and true to yourself, was it ever going ot work?

Saturday, 27 June 2009

a big cooked dinner and stuff

Nothing better than sitting listening ot highlights and drinking a stella, except for acutually being there listening to paulo nutini. Lots of things have happened since i last blogged, I've had my birthday and got a new bike, got my first drving lesson on monday. all going to plan.

First outing on my new yamaha xt125 x, it was okay, been about 12 months since i have touched a bike with gears though, so i was a liuttle shakey. nothing like the scoot, lay off throttle and new down on corner, no not on this. took a corner too fast and shot off into a grass verge, the pootle didn't look ver yhappy that i had disturbed it from its shit, neither did the owner because now she knew that was going to have to pick the crap up. well it got a bit better from then on. went out today did about 70 mile, which is aparrently the short route, and i had a numb arse so going to hate the long run out but at least im not going 35mph everywhere, got 50 which i was very happy with, just wait till its deretricted aqnd ive joined the gym and lost weight but when that happens jesus will walk the earth again hah.

sweet dude x

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Lifes a rollercoaster

It's starts of nice and slow, then is gets harder as you go up the hill, then you reach the top and you can see the route and everything takes form and you shoot off, and this happens through life till you get to the end and you slow down again and stop and get of the ride.
I might have the world and my life infront of me but ain't life confusing; love, happiness, the highs the lows. Do you take things on te chin or read between the lines and solve the problem before it comes or before it gets too big that its too hard to deal with? But you can't always see the way things plan out they happen with the click of your fingers and suddenly your life has changed again, for better or for worse. I don't no you decide?

Monday, 15 June 2009

New start

Right where do I start with all of this, im new so bare with me i need to get used to this. Don't really no even how I got talked into this but i'll give it a shot. I'm going to start with the meanings of things, I couldn't really think of titles for things but as I was looking at the 4ft poster on my wall it came to. London Calling, btu London isn't calling me the world is, the world is open for me i can go in which ever direction i want and do what i want, another reason is a big part of my life i listen and sing to it all day long, listening to varietys as for now I am listening to Eminem new album 'Relapse' which is okay is you play it through a boombox but you put it onto your ipod and plug in (Im not going to go through all of my touch aswell becasue it will take me as long as it will to listen to all of the songs on it(2.5 days) :o . and and listen and it is absolutely ming blowing how he comes up with the lyrics is unreal, but he has been well missed, i feel like i work for the times and giving reviews. nicee. well so far world searching as all gone quite well i'm 17 on the 21st and for the past 2 months i have been working with an electrical company which is top secret classified so i won't tell you the name. shh. learning and earning the smell of money is so good hah, I am just wondering the only people who are properly going to read this are my dad and his mate, so its not really world calling its more like open my door and shout to my dad as he is grinding away at his many projects but thats for aother day as it is getting late. but if you accidentlry come across this feel free to follow me as i will be grateful as i need to build this up because i can't go through the rest of my 70 years 3 months 7 days 5 hours 28 mins and 3 seconds of my life with 2 friends (by the way i am not worried about dying and i do not no when i amgoing to die, i do not have that much time to myself) well thats me for my first blog and i blabbed on abit there, maybe the site should be called because i think you would all be the first to sign me up. night. God bless. mwah x